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Open Letter to my Constituents

It has been a pleasure being your representative on the Alisal Union School District (AUSD) Board of Education.

    During my four-year term, I have always responded to parent concerns. All parent concerns that have been brought to my attention have been successfully resolved by AUSD Staff.

    Most board policies, and resolutions are developed by our staff, and presented to the board for approval or non-approval. It is my belief that apart from staff generated resolutions, board members need to develop and present their own resolutions. I am proud to say that I have successfully presented and brought the following changes to the Alisal Union School District:

  1. The non-profit Artists Ink was given a contract with the Alisal Union School District. They work with our students in the theatrical arts and art history.

  2. The non-profit Playworks was given a contract with the Alisal Union School District. Playworks is a curriculum that provides play opportunities during recess, lunch, and after school programs. Playworks teaches students leadership skills, self-regulation, and the ability to effectively interact and build positive relationships with others.

I have other ideas and resolutions that I wish to present to the board for approval. I need your vote to continue my work. These resolutions are as follows:

  1. It is my desire to bring the College in my Future Program to the Alisal Union School District. This program developed by the Excite Foundation would open an education savings account for 6th graders. The foundation would provide the initial “seed” money for the savings account. The contract would include incentives to encourage parents to continue making monetary contributions to their children’s savings account. The contract with the Excite Foundation would further stipulate that money in the savings account could only be used for post-secondary education.

  2. It is my desire to develop a procedure for identifying pre-school, TR kindergarten, and kindergarten students with three or more adverse childhood experiences (ACES). The literature clearly shows that students with three or more adverse childhood experiences (ACES) are more at risk for educational failure, mental health issues, and substance abuse. Once identified these students would be provided with counselling, therapy, and curriculum that would heal the trauma caused by their adverse childhood experience.

  3. It is my desire to increase student enrollment in our Dual Immersion Program. The literature clearly shows that Dual Immersion Programs are very effective in teaching English to English Language Learners and teaching Spanish to English Only Speakers. At the present time we offer the Dual Immersion Program only at Monte Bella Elementary. We need to think of creative ways to bring the Dual Immersion Program to our other eleven schools.



                                           Robert Ocampo



  • Simon Salinas, Retired, Supervisor, Monterey County

  • Luis Alejo, Supervisor, Monterey County

  • Tony Barrera, Councilman, City of Salinas

  • Anthony Rocha, Councilman, City of Salinas

  • Fernando Mercado, Trustee, Alisal Union School District

  • Erica Padilla, Trustee, Hartnell Community College District

  • Juan Cabrera, Board Member, Salinas Valley Memorial Healthcare System

  • Robert Rivas, California State, Assemblymember, District 30

  • Democratic Party, County of Monterey

  • Alisal Teachers Association

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